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In September 2000, Defense Contract Services, Inc (DCSI) was formulated by Mr Frank Brown (President) and his sister Ms Marilyn Brown (Secretary/Treasurer) as a family ran and operated, Veteran-owned, Small-business. DCSI is headquartered in Leander, Texas and today has annual revenues in the $8.7 million dollar range. DCSI is a small business company that is achieving vibrant financial results, has a solid DOD-wide reputation for delivering top quality services, and securing a sustainable long-term future in the market place.       


DCSI performs Government contracts on US military installations with a present and past-performance history that includes managing and operating critical risk, mission essential, facilities in the United States, Caribbean’s, and South America for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard USCG, and National Guard Bureau, which include:


What We Do

Airfield Operations

Airfield Management Base Operations Air Traffic Control
ATC Flight Following ATC Electronic Maintenance ATC Facility Training
Base Weather Transient Alert Services Aircraft Services Training
Aircraft Cargo Loading Aircraft Fleet Servicing Vehicle/AGE Maintenance

Fuels Management

Bulk Storage Cryogenic Storage Retail Fuels Stations
Fuels Laboratory Services Aircraft Refueling Barge Operations
Fuels Operator Maintenance Corrosion Control Compliance & Inspections
Inventory & Accountability Vehicle Maintenance HAZMAT


Supply Chain/Warehouse Management

Procurement/Requisition Order Processing Demand Forecasting
Inventory Control Inventory Replenishment Material Handling
Distribution Packing/Crating Palletizing
Shipping/Receiving Transporting Goods Return of Goods Handling
Document Control Parts and Services Support Customer Support
Logistics/Supply Training Salvage and Scrap Disposal HAZMAT Pharmacy