Our team is dedicated to the principles of integrity, excellence, and quality. Services provided by DCSI are intended to satisfy the expectations of our customers while promoting customer confidence in our ability to meet all expectations and contract requirements. DCSI’s motto is “Quality Service/Quality People.” Our motto is more than a slogan; it is the way we do business. Our commitment to Quality Service/Quality People is demonstrated in the attidude and professional conduct of our employees. DCSI's employee turnover ratios are below industry standards and employee morale and productivity is high at all our locations. DCSI’s rapport with our customers, Contracting Offices, and Government officials has earned us a reputation as possessing an “excellent working relationship,” and for building trust, integrity, and responsiveness to customer satisfaction--two-way communication ensures the lowest-level resolve.

DCSI empowers our Site Managers with the authority and responsibility to operate their facility as an autonomous operation--overseeing contract requirements, making those necessary decisions, arbitrating customer concerns to a logical resolve, and interrelating with government officials. Our Site Managers have the authority to facilitate inter- and intra-organizational communications and the synergistic use of all functional resources under their control. This level of autonomy allows our Site Managers the flexibility to properly administer their workforce; implement methods, policies, and procedures necessary to carry out daily responsibilities that clearly define the interface relationships between the Company and the Government representatives. DCSI supports each of our Site Managers with a “Functional” Corporate Officer to turn to for assistance or support. This practice provides a unified organization that is structured along process lines for economical, controlled accomplishments of all day-to-day requirements, while remaining within budgetary restraints. 
DCSI takes great pride at fostering professional rapport and trust-relationship with our customers which demonstrates our daily dedication towards providing full-contract compliance, flexibility to meet mission dynamics, and promotes total customer satisfaction. 
Since 2000, DCSI has continued to receive outstanding ratings from the Government’s annual evaluation of services, the Contract Performance Assessment Reports (CPAR), at all of our contract site locations. In addition, customer feedback reports glow with positive accolades about our ability to provide technical guidance and career-field training to our military counter-parts, for meeting customer demands and expectations, and for providing on-time and professional services.
DCSI has not had any marginal or unfavorable performance ratings nor have there been any unfavorable customer complaints at any of our contract locations under our administration since their initial contract award.  DCSI takes great pride in trying to exceed operational and mission support requirements as can be confirmed in our outstanding CPARS ratings lauding DCSI for providing full-contract compliance, professional service, and outstanding customer support and training. 
In addition to performing contract administration as the Prime-Contractor for airfield operations services, fuels management, supply-chain and warehouse operations and alarm monitoring contracts for US military installations, DCSI has performed air traffic control, transient alert and warehouse operations services as a Sub-Contractor for the following companies: 
Bearskin Services                                  Boeing Company
D3 Air and Space Operations              International Logistics Group    
DCSI is headquartered in Austin, Texas--a Small Business company that has a solid DOD-wide reputation for delivering top quality services and securing a sustainable, long term future in the market place. DCSI is proud of the men and women who work for us.  Our employees' diligence, professionalism, and dedication guarantees quality and timely services and that total customer satisfaction is always top-rung.  
This site is designed to inform the reader on the types of services we provide to the military, as a Small Business civilian contractor, and as a source to inquire for any job openings or up-coming opportunities both solicited and unsolicited.

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