DCSI hires only fully trained, qualified, and certified Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) who possess either FAA or US military ATC experience and are capable of obtaining and maintaining a secret clearance to perform ATC services at our entrusted contract towers.

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DCSI meticulously provides Air Traffic Control services in strict compliance with FAA Handbook 7110.65 and coordinates and de-conflicts airspace, air traffic utilization, and coordinates air traffic operations in close harmony with military and FAA radar controllers to ensure the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of aircraft in and out of our assigned airport operating areas; as well as, coordinates traffic pattern work and provides ATC services to aircraft performing Night Vision Goggle (NVG) training.   
To provide a clear understanding of the volume of traffic our ATCS team provides, so that the reader may ascertain a relevant comparison of our ATC service savoir faire, encapsulated below is an example of four of our ATC facility’s past performance: 
•   USCG Elizabeth City, NJ:  On a 24 hour, 7-days a week basis, Elizabeth City Air Station is the Coast Guard’s busiest airport servicing an average of 240 daily sorties or approximately 7,440 aircraft a month (89,280 annual operations) which includes; B-737, C-9, C-212 (CASA), C-130, E-2, G1-5, H-60, H-65, H-53, CH-46, UH-1 military aircraft and general aviation turbo jets and helicopters.  
•   Ft Bliss, Biggs AAF, TX: Our ATCS provides air traffic control, flight following, and airfield advisory services to approximately 2,280 monthly sorties for base assigned rotary and fixed-wing aircraft and an additional 1,240 sorties for foreign national assigned aircraft conducting airspace and range training--thus, controlling approximately 42,240 aircraft annually. This is an impressive traffic count once the numbers are put into perspective.  Our tower is operational Monday thru Friday from 0700-2200 hrs and closed Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays--hence, we control approximately 117 airplanes per day. In addition, our ATCS have responded to 2,137 after-hours commercial and military chartered aircraft operations that supported the Force Projection Platform troop deployment and redeployment missions.  
•   Camp Ripley, Miller AAF, MN: Our ATCS provided air traffic services to approximately 12,000 sorties annually, with an additional 1,140 Night-Vision goggle (NVG) local-pattern, night-training exercises, and 1,120 transient aircraft operating in the ranges and MOA restricted areas.  In addition, controllers responded to 37 unscheduled, after-hour arrivals, and smartly handled, throughout the contract period, 32 in-flight emergencies, 7 ground emergencies, and 2 vehicle unauthorized runway entry incidents ensuring that each event was handled timely, safely, and without incident.
•   Eloy Alfrado International Airport, Manta, Ecuador, South America: controllers provided Air Traffic Control operations and Safety Advisory services for US military and DOD aircraft operating in-and-out of the airport and over-the-water ensuring the safety of approximately 198 monthly sorties (E-3, P-3, C-130, KC-135, and AWACS aircraft) that directly supported USSOUTHCOM’s aerial drug interdiction missions; as well as, provided ATC safety, aircraft separation, and phraseology training to Ecuadorian Host-National controllers.    
As a fundamental part of our services, DCSI provides full-facility training to active-duty military, Guardsmen and Reserve personal, and Flight Commanders, at no additional cost to the Government. DCSI performs qualification, proficiency, and certification training for our employees and to military trainees directly out of the ATC Technical School using DCSI’s developed and standardized ATC Master Training Plan.  
Our ATC electronics technician’s typical duties include: Performing preventive maintenance on ATC radio systems and related equipment; inspecting equipment, replacing defective parts, performing operational checks, maintaining inspection and maintenance records, and independently verifying operational condition of Control Tower Facilities and integrated systems. DCSI’s maintenance technicians have experience in maintaining and repairing Digital Voice Recorder Systems (DVRS), Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS), Enhanced Terminal Voice System (ETVS), GRR/GRT, AN/GRC-171 radio systems, and wind transmitter systems (FMQ-13).  Our ATC Maintenance Chief is responsible for all ATC maintenance; responsible for all Government furnished equipment, all test equipment, PLL, tools, spares and all maintenance areas under our area of responsibility.

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