DCSI performs Airfield Management and Base Operations services in strict compliance with AFI 13-204, AFI 13-218, and UFC 3-260-01. DCSI provides the Government with fully qualified and certified Airfield Management Operations Specialist and AFSC SEI-368 Airfield Managers.

DCSI provides aircrew members with top-notch airfield operations facilities; aircrew and DV lounges, a Flight Planning Section equipped with state-of-art weather  and flight planning computer terminals and all associated aeronautical charts, maps, publications, and airport displays to assist pilots with their pre-flight planning requirements, and a Base Operations control center responsible for processing flight plans, imposing NOTAM and airfield safety advisory actions, approving PPR requests, coordinating emergency response actions and Search & Rescue procedures, and for issuing and storing COMSEC/Classified material.

Our Airfield Manger and Airfield Management Operations staff is responsible for ensuring that the aerodrome environment is safe for aircraft operations. This is accomplished by conducting daily comprehensive airfield inspections and periodic Foreign Object Damage (FOD) checks of all pavement areas (runway, taxiways, ramps, and parking aprons), performing maintenance reliable inspections on airfield lighting and navigational aid systems, coordinating airfield sweeping requirements, and managing the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) and Foreign Object Damage (FOD) programs--soliciting active involvement support from military/civilian and Host-Nation personnel and advising Commanders on discrepancies that might impact flying safety. DCSI is the Flight Information Publication (FLIP), Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), and the Flightline Driver’s Training manager for the installation.    
Our Airfield Managers hosts the Air Operations Board (AOB) meeting, processes work orders, oversees airfield construction projects and the airfield waiver program, and develops contingency operational plans that affect the aerodrome environment and flying operation. The Airfield Manager plans, directs, and supervises all airfield activities--provides airfield management support, resolves problems, monitors airfield infrastructure and airfield construction projects, and provides findings and recommendations on aerodrome improvement areas to ensure aerodrome, aircraft, and operational safety is maintained.

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