DCSI hires only experienced, qualified, and certified Fuels Management Specialists and Refueling Fuels Mechanics with normal color-vision to perform work at our entrusted fuels facilities. Our employees possess an in-depth knowledgeable of petroleum and cryogenics products, their composition and characteristics including toxic, explosive, fire hazards and the necessary safety precautions. Our employees are qualified in the methods of receiving, storing, testing and evaluating fuel, documentation and accountability of fuels products, and required environmental protection procedure.
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DCSI manages the Fuels Management Flight to include Bulk Storage, tank facilities, Fuels Laboratory services, Automatic Fuels Service Station, Compliance and Inspections, Inventory Management, Distribution, and the Fuels Service Center. Fuels Technicians perform along-side aircraft refueling/defueling operations using pantograph refueling arms, fuel stands, hydrants, and tank-to-tank transfers; as well as, barge and dunnaging operations. 
DCSI orders, receives, stores, issues, fuels products in a safe and secure manner in strict compliance with DLA-Energy and DOD directives, Air Force Instructions, AFPET and Higher Headquarters’ Fuels Policy Documents along with Federal, State, and local environmental mandates. DCSI performs overall program management to include contract compliance, quality and product surveillance, product inventory/accountability, safety and environmental compliance, physical security, preventive and minor maintenance of GOCO/COCO facilities, equipment and refueling vehicles, fuels training, and contract administration in providing petroleum products and liquid oxygen that directly supports the installation’s flying mission and Homeland Security objectives. 
DCSI is responsible for the accounting, receipt, storage and issue of over 28 million gallons of JP-8/JP-8+100 refueling/defueling operations and ground product services annually.  Our end-of-year inventory control, audit and accounts reports from all of our fuels management contacted site locations reflect 100% accuracy; 100% accountability of all products and expenses; and are 100% within budget.

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