DCSI supply-chain experience includes managing and operating the HAZMAT pharmacy; warehouse and storage operations; providing on-and-off base deliveries of parts, supplies, and equipment; providing customer support services, which includes receiving, storing, inventorying, issuing, distributing, inspections, and the accountability of all materials and supplies; as well as managing the Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Section responsible for performing “Preventive,” “Scheduled,” and “Unscheduled” vehicle maintenance on various types of MHE equipment and a Fleet of 60 vehicles that consists of light trucks, passenger vans, K-loaders, and Belt-loaders.
DCSI also has experience managing and operating Technical Order Distribution warehouses (TODO) responsible for establishing customer requirements, timely requisition and distribution of technical orders, schematic drawings and maps, engineering data, embedded computer programs and documents, and the maintenance of technical order libraries. DCSI  manages 7 sub-TODO accounts servicing 112,576 Technical Orders/CPINS on Initial Distribution customer requirement list with 301 servicing-library accounts within the 7-TODO’s.  DCSI ensures the on-time distribution of all Technical Orders/CPINS/NAVAIR and Army Technical manuals and their respective revisions and/or changes; as well as, ensuring that our 400 customers receive their daily distribution requirements.
DCSI performs procedures and analysis; material, inventory and document control and the requisition, receipt, issue, and delivery of all classified and non-classified materials and parts stored in our various warehouses. DCSI delivers ordered materials, furniture, equipment, and parts to Satellite-accounts across the installation and is responsible for the expedited delivery of emergency Priority MICAP and RED-STREAK aircraft parts that are delivered within 30-minutes of request to a specific aircraft/helicopter on the flightline.
DCSI ensures that hazardous and non-hazardous cargo and materials are properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labeled, and in proper condition for military or commercial transport according to applicable Department of Transportation and military regulations. Our warehouse workers, packaging specialist, and material handling employees are thoroughly trained and qualified to handle, stow, crate, palletize, transport, and prepare both hazardous and non-hazardous materials and cargo for shipment.
Our HAZMAT Pharmacy is the focal-point for requisition, receiving, storing, issuing, and tracking hazardous materials on the installation and is the Installation Commander’s single point-of-contact for all issues concerning hazardous property or environmental compliance.


DCSI establishes procedures to manage the mobility program, including: receiving, inspecting, issuing, assembly, inventory, replenishing, maintaining, managing and storing War Readiness Material (WRM) assets, Mobility Bags (MOBAGS), and War Consumable Distribute Objective (WCDO) materials and related items in a safe and secured area--ensuring necessary inventories to maintain a 100% fill rate and that shelf life items are replenished.

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